In NOEM we believe that designing and building your home can be one of the best experiences of your life. And will put our technology, work, commitment and willingness available to do so.

noem casas diseño madera barcelona
casas madera diseño barcelona

Inspired by you

We need to know who you are and what you need to put forward the best proposal for your house.
Parties with lots of friends, or intimate dinners?
Are you an amateur chef, or do you prefer to be practical when eating?
Any special acoustics for your piano?
Do you like to be surrounded by your stuff?… Or do you prefer not to see them?
A work area with views?…. or do you prefer an area to enjoy home cinema?
Do you have a lot of shoes, or maybe you have many books?

NOEM casas de madera de diseño ecologicas

100% custom made

If you’re left-handed, need absolute silence to sleep, or the air conditioning bothers you, it is important to us as well.
If you want to have a fully automated house, energy autonomous, or control it from your iPad, we can do it.
A house without maintenance? We will propose alternatives. And if you are concerned about security, we have many ways to make you feel safe. Because we will adapt your home to how you want to use it.

NOEM casas de madera de diseño ecologicas

Building 2.0.

We have questioned every aspect of traditional construction to define our own controlled process (which some call disruptive) that we feel comfortable with. We have put in place technology that allows us to design and provide every detail, view the proposals, follow a detailed implementation plan and control the entire manufacturing process from the design phase to delivery.
We do not expect things to go well: we work to ensure that they do go well.

NOEM casas de madera de diseño ecologicas
noem casas diseño madera barcelona

Respecting costs and timings

With the design 100% detailed and the materials and  construction process defined, we ensure the cost or  delivery date is no longer an exercise of will. We commit to a cost and construction time. No surprises.

NOEM casas de madera de diseño ecologicas

Sharing the process

We want to team up with you, and to keep you up to date with all developments. When you give the OK to build, the designs will begin to come alive. In parallel, we will manufacture all parts, and you will have a direct line to keep you abreast of all developments. Photos, comments, anecdotes, …. everything is shared so that you and your loved ones can start enjoying building the house from the very beginning.

NOEM casas de madera de diseño ecologicas


We take care of all the details. From design to construction, coordination and documentation of each item. And if you need us to handle the interior design, home automation…. or install a pool table, we can do it. We want to deliver your dream without any worry.

NOEM casas de madera de diseño ecologicas
noem casas prefabricadas madera barcelona
casas madera diseño barcelona

NOEM by Think CO2 is a company from Barcelona  We are specialists in building modern wooden houses, ecological.  Prefabricated design homes fully customized. Our portfolio is composed by NOEM GO, NOEM Concept and NOEM Stay. Maximum energy efficiency, comfort and energy savings through passive house standards and the latest technology. For more information stay tuned through our blog, read articles from la Vanguardia, el País and la UPC,or contact us.