Casa Saüc

Casa Saüc

Maresme – 2013

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A plot with as much natural gradient as view. A timetable as tight as  it is  challenging. A use as multi-purpose as its owners. The challenge of the plot has imposed a construction almost touching the mountain, taking full advantage of  flatlands to create recreational areas, and a terrace system that allows enjoyment of many areas full of life. The house’s structure is defined by  laminated wood  divided in two in the center, and by a large glass structure which is protected by a 6 meter high pergola that focuses on the view and provides the solar protection the house needs. The house is on two floors:- a lower level for social use which  is designed  around a large kitchen, and a an upper level  where the rooms and work areas are distributed. Both are connected with a wide open staircase that open to the landscape.

Built surface

156 m²

Energy Efficiency Rating


CO2 footprint

– 170 KgCO2/m²

Energy consumption for home climate control

18,7  kWh/m²year

Construction time

10 weeks

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The service area is arranged in a strip that runs along the west side of the house. It gives order to  and simplifies the design,  helping to streamline the building cost. Priority has been given  to the dining room, allowing extra space and views across the sea and mountains  Large windows and the continuity of floor  levels allow complete  integration between the interior and exterior.

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Energy consumption for home climate control [kWh/m²year]

noem casas diseño madera
noem casas madera barcelona
noem casas diseño barcelona
noem casas madera diseño barcelona

The tightness of the building skin and the installation of a double-flow mechanical ventilation system have minimized  air-conditioning losses while at the same time ensuring proper air exchange. A pellet stove, connected to the mechanical ventilation system, is enough to ensure thermal comfort in winter, and a combination of cross ventilation and adequate solar shading of the glass walls ensures a comfortable temperature in summer.

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design weeks


manufacturing weeks


assembling weeks

noem casas madera barcelona
noem casas diseño barcelona
noem casas diseño barcelona


NOEM by Think CO2 is a company from Barcelona  We are specialists in building modern wooden houses, ecological.  Prefabricated design homes fully customized. Our portfolio is composed by NOEM GO, NOEM Concept and NOEM Stay. Maximum energy efficiency, comfort and energy savings through passive house standards and the latest technology. For more information stay tuned through our blog, read articles from la Vanguardia, el País and la UPC,or contact us.