Casa Eliana

Casa Eliana

Valencia – 2011

A house to invite  the grandchildren to in the summer, or all year round if desired. Designed to be practical and versatile, with the right touch of design that its owners appreciate. It has all the things we need to be comfortable but in minimum usable space. A house where you can  enjoy the garden, its versatility and low maintenance.
 Dinner with friends in the light of the house, warm winters with almost no heating, and large windows which allow you to relax and enjoy the views. The project had two initial requirements:.. portability and speed:  It had to be ready to celebrate  Verbena de San Juan with the family, as well as being transportable in the future should  the owners decide to split the plot into two. We proposed a wooden prefab modular solution, that could stand on three concrete walls of 60 cm wide. The house, which came flying (an expression used by Blanca when she was four and saw her home unloaded by crane),  can, one day, fly away again. The warmth of the wood combined with the understated minimalism of its shape  give personality to a building that hides much technical complexity beneath its design

Built surface

74,4 m²

Energy Efficiency Rating


CO2 footprint

– 61,35 KgCO2/m²

Energy consumption for home climate control

14,2 Kwh/m²year

Construction time

10 weeks

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In the distribution of the plant we have combined an open SPACE module that serves as a common area (lounge/dining room), with a hub module (containing a full bathroom and kitchen), and a second SPACE in which we have located 2 rooms. A passage takes us from the common area to a private one.
This combination allows a family of 4 members to enjoy a comfortable area without wasted space.

noem casas diseño madera
noem casas diseño madera barcelona

Climate control equipment with a heat recovery system enables both  control of the house ventilation and  savings in air conditioning. It makes use of the stale warm air from inside the house and mixes it  with the  fresh air from outside so naturally regulating the temperature. The outside air intake is made through hygro-adjustable air inlets located in dry areas (dining room and bedroom) and the foul air extraction is performed by an extraction exit located in the bathroom

Noem. Etiqueta energetica.

Energy consumption for home climate control [kWh/m²year]


design weeks


manufacturing weeks


assembling weeks

noem casas madera diseño valencia
noem casas madera modulares valencia
noem casas madera prefabricadas valencia


NOEM by Think CO2 is a company from Barcelona  We are specialists in building modern wooden houses, ecological.  Prefabricated design homes fully customized. Our portfolio is composed by NOEM GO, NOEM Concept and NOEM Stay. Maximum energy efficiency, comfort and energy savings through passive house standards and the latest technology. For more information stay tuned through our blog, read articles from la Vanguardia, el País and la UPC,or contact us.