Refugio de Pastores

Refugio de Pastores

Pirineo – 2015

The Cabaña de Estanilles is located at 2200 m, in a valley of the Natural Park of the High Pyrenean inaccessible to the traffic. The cottage is already part of a program to make it possible for the brown bear to coexist in the Pyrenees with local populations and traditional livestock trades.

The initiative, promoted by the NGO Acciónatura, has wanted to offer pastors a high degree of comfort in the face of harsh working conditions in a remote high mountain area during the 4-month summer season of a program called ” Grouping of flocks “.

The program consists of hiring one or more shepherds who group and care for sheep herds of 4-5 owners of the area during the summer months, protecting them against the possible presence of the bear in the area, with the help of dogs mastiffs and sometimes shepherds Electric. The action, framed in a major conservation project of the bear, contributes to preserve a traditional trade, to curb the depopulation of rural areas, and above all to demonstrate the possibility of human coexistence and the brown bear, representative umbrella species Of a conserved habitat.

It is a pilot experience that can be perfectly replicated in other valleys and areas of the Pyrenees.

The green building consists of a wooden module designed and prefabricated in a workshop of 25m2 that was assembled this summer in its final location using a helicopter that was in charge of raising the prefabricated panels to the place. It was necessary to integrate in the planning process this special transport with requirements as that the maximum weight of the panels could not be more than 800 kg.

In its conception has been privileged the southern orientation of a large glazed façade with double glazing under emissive to maximize solar pickup in winter and maximize its energy efficiency. Also the form of the refuge is thought to be aerodynamic to the north wind.

Built Surface


CO2 footprint

-45,30 KgCO2/m²

Construction time

2 weeks

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This custom-made prefabricated wooden shelter is designed for maximum efficiency and complete energy independence.

The construction is elevated from the ground to ensure good insulation has been used to create a storage space for the pastor.

The floors, floor and deck are made of wood and have a 22 cm layer of recycled cotton for optimum thermal insulation. Ecological and non-emissive material.

The wooden walls also have a 15 cm insulation of recycled cotton which allows the wood stove to be enough to heat the shelter in less than half an hour to spend the night in winter at 2200 m.

casas de madera de diseño prefabricadas ecologicas y modernas
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plano refugio estanilles
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Due to the inaccessibility of the place, the truck and the crane are replaced by a helicopter. This forces the NOEM team to have a more precise planning, to anticipate all the assembly needs. The panels were designed not to exceed 800 kg, maximum load capacity of the helicopter. The assembly was carried out in 2 hours.

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semanas de diseño


semanas construcción


dias de montaje

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