Escuela Inspira


San Andreu de Llavaneras (MARESME)

Children’s school of passive, ecological and prefabricated wood of 265m2 to accommodate 135 students. The objective is to create an environment based on fostering the idea of community, learning from experience, enhancing creativity and having a close interaction with nature, natural and healthy. It is formalized through a circular shape resulting from the repetition of polygonal modules looking through a compact form for maximum efficiency, flexibility and warmth.

An implementation in different levels that tries to take root as much as possible to the land and to the nature. The project is presented in two phases and two different geometries: child and secondary in two different temporalities.

Wood is the main protagonist of this two-story school consisting of prefabricated pine pane frames and panels, filled with 20cm of recycled cotton thermal insulation and externally lined with vertical larch wood slats that provide warmth and transparency. The circular form of the plant is an ideal implantation from the bioclimatic point of view that allows us to place the classrooms in the north-south zones and to have the possibility of incorporating attached greenhouses as a strategy of solar capture. This will allow up to 90% savings in heating thanks to passive solar pickup.

Built Surface

685,3 m²

Energy Efficiency Rating


Construction time

20 weeks

Escola Inspira

Plano escuela Inspira planta baja


Plano Escuela Inspira 1a planta


Plano Escuela Inspira 2a planta

Acuarela escuela inspira de madera
Escuela de madera ecologica

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