Casa Planeta

Casa Planeta

Valldoreix – 2017


A balanced house above a sloping land. An ecological and healthy home made with wooden structure and oriented to take full advantage of the potential of the plot from its terraces. The south facade allows to warm the house in winter with the sunlight that enters through the large windows, and the north façade allows to enjoy excellent views and the repair of the shade from the terrace. With this we obtain a transparent housing, connected with the outside and open to the nature and the views, thus avoiding the “barrier” effect that could have a dwelling in this type of land.

The foundation has been made without concrete, with a structure of steel pillars and helical anchors that are screwed to the ground until the required load capacity is reached. The pillars have been adapted to the specific needs of the land and have minimized the environmental impact of the construction.

Built Surface

132 m²

Energy Efficiency Rating


CO2 footprint

– 56,95 KgCO2/m²

Energy consumption in air conditioning

19,90 KWh/m2

Construction time

14 weeks

From the outside, the house rises white and compact on the ground and allows even a storage area sheltered from rain in the space gained to slope between pillars. Its gabled roof with dark blue sheet metal roof allows an interior height of up to 8 meters in the diaphanous area of ​​dining-kitchen, and is finished from the inside with tricapa panel and spruce beams views. From the inside, the house breathes minimalist warmth and is bathed in light. The bathrooms and kitchen are basically tiled in white and in the rest of the house are combined the oak parquet with the silver aluminum color of the carpentry and metal handrails, and the raw natural wood. The upper floor houses a suite room, a complete bathroom, stock areas and a large study area.
A wooden staircase leads to a mezzanine, which is completely covered with wood, has become the most welcoming room of the house. Bathed in natural light by a window on the deck, it allows to host visitors and friends and at the same time enjoy the privileged views.

Geobiological aspects have been taken care of, and studied how to minimize the electromagnetic fields and the potential harmful effects related to the geopathies of the terrain. The design of compatible electrical wiring, the use of paints and varnishes of healthy homes and the installation of a BioSwitch are the reflection of the interest of the property to live in a healthy environment as well as ecological.


The wooden structure of the house was assembled in 10 days and the entire project was completed in 10 weeks. The design responds to the requirements of the bioclimatic design of the construction. The roof structure, which generously covers the house as an eave, allows to dispense with the blinds in the south façade because it protects the house from the summer sun and facilitates the entrance of the sun in winter. The windows of both facades are distributed symmetrically to favor cross ventilation and thus help naturally to maintain the thermal comfort in the house.

In the installations section, the system of mechanical ventilation of double flow with recuperador of heat stands out, that allows the constant renovation of air of the house and reduces the expense in air-conditioning. A pellet stove heats the house in winter and a system of solar panels on the southern façade reduces energy consumption from the grid and allows to have hot water from a renewable source. In addition, the house has a rainwater reservoir of 5000 liters that allows collecting and accumulating rainwater and take advantage of it for irrigation. Thanks to these measures and the efficiency achieved through design and materials, housing achieves a negative carbon footprint and an A + energy label.


designs weeks


manufacturing weeks


assembling weeks



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