Casa Papallones

Casa Papallones 


The choice of land, with good views and assured tranquility, already hinted that the house would be oriented to enjoy the garden, the landscape and the mild climate of the Vallès. The owners baptized the project as “Casa Papallones” and sought from the beginning the coexistence of criteria of sustainability, design, comfort and energy efficiency. The wood as a structural material was the starting point of the project for its thermal and acoustic efficiency, and for the beauty and warmth they bring to the homes.

During the design phase it was decided to build a ground floor parallel to the street, which allowed the creation of two private and differentiated garden areas, which at the same time allowed to optimize energy efficiency and privilege the relationship between the exterior and the interior of the building.

Built surface

140 m²

Energy Efficiency Rating


Construction time

16 weeks

The house, of 140m2, is designed and built to the standards of the passive house, is heated with a pellet boiler and only needs to start the underfloor heating for 2 months a year. The S / SE orientation of the central body, the low transmittance emissivity glasses 1.3 W / m2K, the continuous insulation of 200 mm with wood fiber, the timber frame construction, the rigor in treating the sealing and the efficiency of the facilities are the features that have allowed the house to achieve energy efficiency A. The consumption of 12 kWh / m2 year for heating, which is 15% compared to the average of buildings of the same size, will allow the owners to enjoy climate comfort all year round with minimal energy expenditure.

The spaces for daily use of the owners are located in a rectangular ground floor with facades of wood treated with gray autoclave, which blend with the garden and have no maintenance.

Casa pasiva a Cardedeu, casa no emissions, casa sana
Casa sana, Casa pasiva en Cardedeu
casa sana, casa pasiva en Cardedeu
casa de madera, casa sana, casa pasiva
casa pasiva, casa sana, casa de madera en Cardedeu

The large openings to the outside allow the garden to enter the house and decorate the different rooms, and a generous porch allows to protect from the excess of sun and at the same time expand the house to the outside. On one of its sides, a 2-storey body has been generated with a different treatment of facades, which accommodates the occasional use of guests and at the same time generates a lookout point that enriches the whole landscape with panoramic views.

A spacious living room connected to the kitchen-dining area is the central space of the house and becomes the physical separation between the two garden areas: the garden area and the fruit trees in the South, and a “Zen garden” “with gravel land and a small pond north. The butterflies decorate and give character to the spaces, and the light gray color of the walls and a clear ceramic floor in the same shade give harmony and amplitude to the whole. The exposed wooden beams and ceilings provide warmth and reveal the noble structure of the construction. A successful combination of warmth, functionality and modernity.

Casa madera, casa pasiva, en Cardedeu
casa sana, casa pasiva

designs weeks


manufacturing weeks


assembling weeks

casa de madera, casa pasiva, casa sana
casa de madera, casa pasiva
Casa de madera, casa pasiva, casa sana en Cardedeu
Casa de madera, casa sana, casa pasiva
Casa de madera, casa pasiva, casa sana en Cardedeu
casa sana, casa pasiva, casa de madera en Cardedeu
Casa de madera, casa pasiva, casa sana en Cardedeu


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