Casa La Floresta

Casa La Floresta

La Floresta, Barcelona – 2012

When you fall in love with a house because of its appearance, history, and location, but at the same time it is too small for a family of 5 and all their activities, it is time to consider an extension to rise to the challenge This is what has been done in  La Floresta. A modern energy efficient extension based on a wooden structure for a house with a history.

Built surface

200 m²

Energy Efficiency Rating


CO2 footprint

– 68,35 KgCO2/m²

Energy consumption for home climate control

8,2 kWh/m²year

Construction time

12 semanas

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The Wood Extension has been constructed on a concrete slab, and based on a light framework from local timber, which provides both lightness and strength to the construction.
Starting with the custom design of the extension,precise cutting machinery has yielded, with pinpoint accuracy, the sections and parts of the walls and wood floors.
These walls have been filled with sheep’s wool to provide the insulation and thermal comfort the house needed, and cladding has been added on both sides as a finishing.

Noem. Etiqueta energetica. Eficiencia energetica. Casa pasiva casas de madera ecologicas

Energy consumption for home climate control [kWh/m² year]

noem casas diseño madera barcelona
noem casas diseño madera barcelona

The correct orientation, the wood shading devices and the composition of the walls minimize the need for energy to heat the house, but ensure the provision of comfortable temperatures all year round


design weeks


manufacturing weeks


assembling weeks

noem casas diseño madera barcelona


NOEM by Think CO2 is a company from Barcelona  We are specialists in building modern wooden houses, ecological.  Prefabricated design homes fully customized. Our portfolio is composed by NOEM GO, NOEM Concept and NOEM Stay. Maximum energy efficiency, comfort and energy savings through passive house standards and the latest technology. For more information stay tuned through our blog, read articles from la Vanguardia, el País and la UPC,or contact us.